AV Solutions  for Restaurants & Sports Bars

Brand Tech can provide you a complete audio and video system to help provide just the right experience for your patrons and customers.  Are you looking for a sports bar experience with projectors and screens or large TVs for the games, races, or the big fight night?  Or would you like soft music playing in the background while patrons enjoy a nice meal and conversation? We can provide video and sound equipment, installation, and consultation that restaurants and sports bars require to achieve just the right ambiance.

Connecting Needed Video and Sound Equipment

Whatever your video or sound equipment needs, Brand Tech can make sure that everything is installed correctly and performing as needed. We will have all your TVs and projector systems ready for broadcasting games and sporting events so that all your patrons can enjoy the experience.  We can connect all of the screens back to a video controller to distribute the HDMI to your screens.  If you need sound for the game as well, we can install the amps and speakers in the bar to make the experience for your customers a great one.

Hosting Live Bands and Special Programs

Does your facility host live bands or have acoustic performers in for shows?  Do you invite customers to participate in open mic nights or trivia nights?  We can help with all the set up from big to small, including installing easy-to-set-up systems that staff can easily get ready for live music nights. In addition, we can also set up the lighting for the performance areas or a projector for the trivia night host with easy interface and use.

To find out more about the services Brand Tech offers, visit our Audio Systems, Video Systems, and Data Cabling pages.