Sound, Video, and Cabling for Industrial Facilities

Brand Tech is familiar with factories and industrial facilities and understands the needs that arise for the communications and safety of the employees and what is needed to help with communications in your facility or factory.  From intercom systems to telecommunications, we can help provide solutions for your entire industrial campus.

Data, Fiber, and WiFi Networks

Brand Tech has the knowledge and experience to help your IT department in getting the backbone to the network up and running.  We can run fiber to new IT cabinets and run the cables to all the desks, machines, and wireless devices to make the network run and get your people doing what they need to do to be productive.

Intercom Systems, Paging, and Emergency Notifications

Brand Tech can help design and install the system that you need for communicating with your employees and throughout the facility.  Weather alerts and active shooter alarms can be broadcast facility-wide and bells can be set up to announce breaks and shift changes.  We have years of experience in designing paging, emergency notification, and intercom systems needed to help keep your employees safe and ensure that information gets distributed.

Conference Rooms, Huddle Rooms and Remote Meetings

For industrial facilities that require teleconference or video conference systems, Brand Tech can help. We can equip huddle rooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, meeting rooms, or general facilities for specific needs. Our experienced staff will design a teleconferencing system that allows clear communication with leadership, among team members, or with customers. Brand Tech understands the changing technology and can help you find the right solution for your industrial space.

Sound Masking for Industrial Environments

Brand Tech can provide sound masking systems for your large open office spaces that will reduce the distracting conversations, provide more privacy and allow your employees to be more productive. Sound masking utilizes ambient background sound at a frequency similar to human speech to mask the sound of normal conversation, making these interactions less intrusive and intelligible.

For more about our services, see our Audio Systems, Video Systems, and Data Cabling pages.