School Audio Visual Systems

Education relies heavily on the use of technology, particularly in their school audio visual systems. In addition to the the basic systems, such as a PA system, intercom system, and bell system, teachers may have access to a range of newer AV components, such as smart boards and projectors. To make the best use of older equipment as well as the latest technology, you need knowledgeable experts, like the technicians at Brand Tech. We work with schools to design, install, and upgrade the audio and visual systems that keep a school working.

Teacher using school audio visual systems.

School Audio Systems

A school sound system can consist of a PA  system in the school hall as well as speakers distributed throughout classrooms and corridors for paging, emergency announcements or class change signaling. School sound systems may also be used for student assemblies, theater productions, or other events. Because of the importance when addressing students, it is important to have clear and intelligible audio components.

Some of the systems that Brand Tech has and can install within classrooms and/or educational facilities include:

  • Classroom sound system for more effective communication and reduced vocal fatigue
  • Portable sound system for addressing groups of students in learning resource areas or for sporting events
  • Lecture hall system for amplification with local control for integration of a campus-wide paging system

School Visual Systems and Projectors

Classroom and school projectors should support an educator by providing outstanding picture quality and a variety of display options. Brand Tech provides a wide range of projectors that offer educators stunning large-format presentation displays. We offer projectors from many of the top suppliers in the world and can provide a perfect picture experience for each student in each situation. We can provide solutions from the simple to the complex, and we are sure to have a solution that is right for you.

School Intercom and PA System

Announcements within a school could be life-saving. At a minimum, students and teachers need to be aware of changes happening throughout the school or emergency situations. Brand Tech installs public address systems for schools and educational facilities for instant voice messaging. These systems can be enhanced with weather alert integration, scheduled bell alerts, and clock time synchronization. Our systems are easily expandable and upgradable. We also offer wireless systems that allow for expansion into additional buildings or to outdoor facilities.

Sports Facility Sound System and PA System

Outstanding audio is essential to any sports experience. It could be for playing music to energize the crowd, making live announcements to keep fans informed, or prioritizing safety through priority paging over the PA system. In addition to offering superior school audio visual systems, Brand Tech also designs, integrates, and installs systems at indoor arenas or gymnasiums, outdoor stadiums or fields, aquatic facilities, and racetracks. See our Sports Venues page for more information.

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